Sunday 4/19

19 Apr

Well, perhaps eating only dried berries and chips all day yesterday wasn’t the smartest idea.  It essentially caused me to blackout after only three beers and throw up bile this morning.  Poor performance; this is a new form of pathetic.  But I do it in the name of poverexia.

After unnaturally waking up at 9:00am to ralph, all I wanted was Tasty King lunch special, best deal in NYC (meal + any type of rice (including fried rice!!!!) + any type of soup for $5.50 or under).  I cursed the world because I knew Tasty King wasn’t going to be open that early on a Sunday morning, so I forced myself to go back to sleep until noon, at which point I ran outside to go get the beef and broccoli with pork fried rice (it’s not even any extra charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and wonton soup for $5.50 that I had been waiting for all week.  Tasty King lunch special is without a doubt the best deal in NYC and they give you SO much beef and broccoli and so much rice and so much soup and if you don’t want soup you can exchange for a soda!!!!!!!!!!  It is so incred.

I ate half for lunch, and then slept and tanned on my bed (I get a lot of direct sunlight coming through my window, and windows help prevent skin cancer), then woke up 5 hours later, then ate the rest for dinner.  Typical Sunday.

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