Tuesday 4/21

21 Apr

Well it’s been quite the healthy two days.  Yesterday I had ramen for lunch, and SS was in town and we went out to dinner to Coffee Shop, where she picked up the tab for my dinner of bloody mary and mac ‘n’ cheese (!!!!!!!!).

Today my Jewish coworker gave me an entire bag of jelly beans that she didn’t want that her non-Jewish boyfriend’s mother had given her for Easter.  Didn’t the mom know Jews don’t like Easter jelly beans?!?!?!  BUT I DO.  love jelly beans.  So I had jelly beans for breakfast, jelly beans for lunch, ramen for dinner, and jelly beans for dessert.  I felt quite ill, to be honest.

Anyway, I’m somewhat annoyed that I had to go through two packs of ramen that I myself bought and that there has been no free food whatsoever at the office over the past two days, but at least SS bought me dinner last night and A gave me several meals’ worth of jelly beans.

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