Thursday 4/30

30 Apr

Today has been quite the junky day, busy day.  All yesterday and all morning I was really looking forward to my boss’s surprise baby shower today at 1pm (lots of free desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

But then NOOOOOOOOOOO our client call suddenly got moved last-minute to 12:30pm DAAAAAHHHHHHHH.  It’s ok, it’s ok.  I gently remind coworkers D and J who were also to be on the call that we have S’s surprise baby shower at 1pm so we should really try to cut our call to 30 minutes (from our usual one hour).  It’s ok, it’s ok, it can be done.

But then NOOOOOOOOOOOO at 12:25pm we get an email from the client “going to be 15 minutes late to the call” NOOOOOO DAAAAAAHHHHHH time is of essence and we are cutting it really close!!!!!!!!!!!!

SIGH.  En fin, we don’t start our call till 12:50pm, it of course ends up taking the usual full hour to get through our agenda, and by the time we get out I was so hungry (hadn’t eaten lunch in hopes the 1pm desserts would substitute) and was really upset we had missed the baby shower. 😦

I slumped back to my desk really discouraged when

GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!! A HUGE SLICE OF ICE CREAM CAKE AT MY DESK AND A HUGE PLATE PILED HIGH WITH COOKIES BROWNIES AND STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My dear, dear coworkers, bless their hearts.  They knew how upset I would be for having to miss the baby shower full of food.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful coworkers who genuinely look out for my emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

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