Friday 5/1

1 May

I knew it would be a great week, and I was right — I DID go the entire week without having to buy a single meal myself!  Today for lunch I ate S’s leftover beef pad thai and C’s leftover fried calamari from last Sunday.  I knew I was cutting it close with the expiration date, and especially with my wine flu scare this past week, I made sure I got rid of all potential viruses etc by heating it up super high in the microwave to kill off all harmful germs.  The meal was delicious, and I decided to send S and C a thank-you note:

“i just ate your leftover beef pad thai from last weekend, and C’s calamari, it was really good, thanks”

Immediate response from C:

“that is disgusting.”

Whatever C, whatever.

The Swine

The Swine

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