Wednesday 5/13

13 May

Ugh all I ate today were snacks — snacks snacks snacks all day.  It was so unsatisfying.

That’s a lie.

I started off the day with coworkers bringing me a chocolate chip scone and a chocolate chip crossaint from a meeting they were in (= breakfast).  Then, we had a team meeting in the afternoon to which E brought a huge grocery bag full of treats for the meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I had popcorn, pretzels, chips, sour patch, chex mix, gummy bears, milanos and M&Ms (= lunch).  Then, my preggers boss was cleaning out her food drawer and gave me everything she didn’t want before she left for maternity leave this Friday — boss = so generous!!!!!  She gifted me a Clif bar, 6 packs of popcorn, a bag of chocolates, and a gumball machine.  Clif bar = dinner (healthiest dinner I’ve had in about a year), and I saved the rest for meals tomorrow.  And the greatest thing is, I still have 2 KFC biscuits with gravy still leftover from Sunday.  Breakfast tomorrow is calling my name!!

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