Sunday 5/17

17 May

Why am I at work on a Sunday?  Two words: FREE FOOD.  It is currently 9pm and I got to the office at 1pm.  Pretty incred.  Let me tell you what else is pretty incred — this Thai yellow curry that I’m eating for free because I’m at work at 9pm on a Sunday and I am expensing my dinner.  I mean I have never seen a yellow curry so packed full of veggies and chicken!!!  This is really great.  Definitely makes it worth working a full work day on a Sunday.

ALSO!!!  Earlier today for breakfast I ate a takout thing of white rice that I found on our living room TV stand on Friday night — I knew it was G’s because L would never leave leftovers from Tasty King, but just in case I had let it sit there for over 24 hours to make sure G or L hadn’t left it there on purpose to eat later.  By this morning, after 36 hours plus, I thought it was pretty legit for me to just take the thing of white rice because I knew if G found it later that afternoon, he would just throw it away.

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