Tuesday 5/26

27 May

Ate the rest of mom’s leftovers from the weekend for lunch today.  The yaki udon was pretty good despite the fact that it was incred annoying having to carry the takeout box back all the way from Middletown to NYC on the Amtrak, not to mention it was frying in the heat for like an hour while I was waiting for the train to arrive in the 95 degree weather.  After a while I started to get concerned about the food going bad so I tried to hide it from the heat by placing it carefully in my humongoid handbag.  Apparently that was a terrible idea when the box cracked and the yaki udon all spilled out (luckily it was in a plastic bag, but still) — I panicked and tried to salvage what was left by swiftly scooping the udon back up from the plastic bag back into the plastic box.  It turned out fine though — anything’s fine after you heat it up in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Then later that day I was still hungry after eating the yaki udon — but then I remembered that my boss had left me some food in the office fridge when she left for her maternity leave.  I was so grateful she had left me a thing of vanilla yogurt and leggo my eggo waffles (though I am saving those for later).  I had finished 75% of the yogurt when I happened to look down at the expiration date and noticed it expired on May 5, 2009.  Oh well.

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