Wednesday 5/27

27 May

BEST EVENT EVER TONIGHT.  One of the greatest things about working in PR is getting to go to events like this:

Dylan's Un-Birthday

Dylan's Un-Birthday

DYLAN’S UN-BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say that this party was phenomenal — SO MUCH FREE FOOD, all made of candy!!!  Apparently there was this “Top Secret Food Network Chef” contest thing where the chefs all had to create something using candy of some sort.  There were chocolate quesadillas, candy quiche, mac & cheese with candy corn (!!!), scallops with chocolate covered sunflower seeds, some sort of fish with a candy sauce, and turkey with candied fruit.  AND!!!  Lemonhead drinks with dum dums as stirrers.  It was incred.  And all you had to do was wear a silly hat — so I wore my blue sequined cowboy hat that I only wore once at our “Crossing the Border” party sophomore year when our room was Texas and the boys’ room next door was Mexico, and the firedoor was the border.  That was a good party.  Not sure if it beats Dylan’s un-birthday party.

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