Thursday 5/28

28 May

When I visited my sister over the weekend I scored the biggest bag of candy I’ve ever held in my own two hands — it was like a little bag of heaven, with sour patch kids, sour watermelons, sour peaches, sour swedish fish, etc etc etc.  So since Monday I’ve been eating two handfuls of candy and three cups of coffee for breakfast.  Additionally for breakfast yesterday and today, I’ve been eating some delicious Mozart chocolates that I brought back from Vienna, along with 8-10 chocolate covered biscuits that my boss brought back from Vienna.

Then today for lunch I found two mini sandwiches on the office kitchen counter, and one of them had been clearly picked at.  To be honest the sandwich did look pretty disgusting and it had obviously been picked at, which is why I was confident that no one else would want that sandwich.  So I took it.  And then I was still hungry so I had one leggo my eggo that my boss had gifted me before going on maternity leave.

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