Sunday 5/31

31 May

Went to the LSU alum annual crawfish boil yesterday with S.  Though I do love crawfish I was hesitant to go as the event was $60, and given the Belmont is next weekend (also a $60 event) and also a $60 booze cruise coming up, I knew I would have to pick and choose all these $60 events, i.e., only go to one of them.  But S really really wanted to go and apparently none of his non-Southern friends wanted to go with him, so he lured me into going by offering to pay my ticket.  Well that changes things and of course I would never say no to a free crawfishfest and open bar event, though I felt bad so I offered to pay for the cab rides there and back in exchange (still an uneven exchange).

Anyway, the event was incred and there was free flowing beer and buckets and buckets of crawfish.  Each person got an entire tray of crawfish, a potato, corn and jambalaya.

2009 Crawfish Boil

2009 Crawfish Boil

I just thought this event was fantastic and S and I both went back for a second tray of crawfish and unknown amounts of Abita.  I thought the crawfish was absolutely great but apparently according to S it wasn’t so good.  Though I personally disagreed I can respect his opinion as I am aware that I am not really one for distinguishing good from bad foods.  As roommate L likes to joke, I was really only born with two sets of taste buds: 1) dericious and 2) rearry dericious.

I have to say that 24 hours later I may or may not have started to agree with S that the crawfish wasn’t so great, given the massive nausea and headache I have been experiencing for the past 24 hours.  It is now 6:30pm on Sunday and I haven’t eaten anything all day as I am pretty sure any Tasty King today will make me immediately vomit yesterday’s crawfish.  The upside of course is that I haven’t spent any money today.

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