Sunday 6/7

7 Jun

Went to the Belmont yesterday with S and C.  I would say that while Friday was a poverexic-friendly day, Saturday was a completely anti-poverexic day.  No $5 lunch specials at the Belmont Stakes.  More like $8 drops of champagne, $8 sips of bourbon, $7 hot dogs.  The cheapest thing I could find was a $4 lemonade, so I had a glass of that in an effort to hydrate myself following a rough morning.  I had been drinking bourbon, bloody marys and champagne since 11am on the party bus (read: free booze), S had been drinking straight bourbon since 10am, and C’s alcohol tolerance had gone to shit and he now gets blackout off 2 glasses of bourbon, so all three of us literally passed out together through the majority of the races.  Luckily we woke up in time for the final race to people behind us yelling at S to “stop snoring and wake the fuck up,” just in time for S and C to place their pricey bets and 10 minutes later to lose it all.  I gambled vicariously through S and C and did not regret not placing my bet.

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