Friday 6/5

5 Jun

This has been a great day already and it’s only 12:30pm.

C: free donuts today
yeah and other places
find as many free donuts as possible
last time dunkin had free iced coffee i went to 4 locations

P (11:17:55 AM): hey, our team is ordering lunch

P (11:18:07 AM): and i have 1/2 my egg salad sandwich from yesterday that im not gonna eat now

P (11:18:09 AM): do you want it?
me (11:20:22 AM): OMGOMGOMOGM
B (12:30:15 PM): we are ordering japanese
B (12:30:17 PM): want in?
me (12:30:18 PM): OMG
me (12:30:23 PM): very tempting
me (12:30:30 PM): but it’s ok i have that sandwich i hoarded from yesterday
B (12:31:05 PM): well come to my desk
B (12:31:12 PM): bc im going to order and then give you the meal
B (12:31:20 PM): i want the soup salad and california rolls only
me (12:31:22 PM): don’t throw anything out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Afternoon gchat convo, me and roommate L:
me: omg i have been scoring so much free food today
today is the best friday ever
my coworker found what she thought was a hair (i am convinced it was not) in her sushi lunch special
so before she had even eaten it she got grossed out and gave me the entire thing
me: it was incred
i love it when girls get grossed out by food
b/c then they give it all to me b/c i do not get grossed out
L: no, no you don’t
you’re a foodivore
me: that is correct. or just a foodore (”food whore”)
yeah, thats a nice shortning
At least someone understands — email from J after telling her about the incred occurrence today:
HOLY MACKAROLY OMG WOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE! who the hell are these people that lose their entire appetite because of something like that? TAKE THE HAIR OUT AND EAT THE REST. good lord! i mean seriously it’s a HAIR, not MOLD. (even if it were mold i would probably cut off the moldy part and eat the rest. i have done that w/ cheese – the internet says it is safe to do that. i know you wont judge me for that 😛 )
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