Sunday 7/5

5 Jul

Yesterday was full of free food, bbq’s and patriotism, especially because I was hanging out with a bunch of Texans.  SS and I started out the afternoon at T’s bbq which had maybe the most impressive array of food I’ve ever seen in my life — there were burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, pineapples, watermelon, fresh fruit and veggies, really good pickles, red velvet cupcakes and strawberry rhubarb cobbler.  It was incred.

The most entertaining part of the first bbq was, though, watching N eat his first hot dog ever in his life.  I know — so strange.  Apparently N had never eaten a hot dog in his life before because he’s had a hot dog aversion since he was a little kid that he claims is not penis related since he does like pickles — this is unlike my friend J who has a serious fear of hot dogs because they remind her of penises.  Like if you stick a hot dog in her face she will shriek “Eek! A penis!”  Not sure if her boyfriend A knows about this odd fear of hers.  Anyway, I usually don’t like to force feed people since I feel really strongly that people should never eat something if they don’t want to eat it because there will always be plenty of people around who do want to eat it and they should be the ones who get to eat it.  This is similar to how I absolutely cannot stand it when my mom tries to get my sister to eat delicious things like mussels and escargot that my sister does not eat and I am just like STOP IT MOTHER SHE DOES NOT WANT TO EAT IT, I WILL EAT IT GODDAMMIT LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I digress.  The point is I forced N to eat the hot dog despite my usual principles.  Apparently R who was also at the bbq had never had red velvet cake before, so I also forced her to eat a red velvet cupcake.  This bbq was full of firsts.

After that spectacle, SS and I moved on to bbq #2 to meet up with S and his Texan friends where of course there was plenty of seven layer dip, queso and beer.  There were also plenty of red and blue jello shots of which SS and I each had about 11.  I love jello shots and I experienced flash backs to freshman year when one of my roommates and I would make jello shots in our mini fridge every weekend and our other roommate M absolutely hated us for it because they left our fridge colorful and disgusting.  The rest of the evening consisted of playing about 6 rounds of flip cup, attempting to play beirut without a ping pong ball, and sitting around and eating vodka soaked watermelon.  We also drank delicious pink lemonade gin something out of turkey basters out of a huge cooler for most of the night and ran around spraying each other with 80 hour energy spray, which means that yes, I will be bouncing around like a ball of energy through Tuesday.  Good times.

Needless to say, this was a successful weekend full of free food and booze, and I guess there were some fireworks too.

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