Saturday 7/4

5 Jul

AMERICA FUCK YEAH!  Coming again to save the mother fucking day yeah!!!

I love holidays because free food is 100% guaranteed, and I especially love July 4th because there are endless bbq’s.  I was in DC for the weekend, mainly because the 4th in the City sucks and I figured this would be a good opp to visit DC since the only other time I visited it was when I toured Georgetown in high school with my parents and had my Asian mother yelling in my ear the entire time that the only school worth going to was Harvard and I was wasting my time with all these other no-name schools.  <<shakes head>> Asians.

SS and I started out the weekend well by meeting up with N and D at some park whose name I don’t know where they had endless pitchers of sangria and salsa dancing.  We were excited about the former, not so much about the latter — we thought we had finally escaped salsa dancing when we left Latin America a few weeks ago.  Anyway, apparently this is the huge hangout place in DC and people get really friendly and have picnics and, most importantly, share food in the spirit of generosity and friendship.  N, D, SS and I were having our nice pitchers of sangria when these two girls came over in an apparent attempt to pick up N and D — they clearly didn’t care about SS and me but we cared about them because it seemed they had a nice little picnic of food under their arms.  We gave them a huge smile and enthusiastically welcomed them to our circle (”please! come join us, come come!”) and ate their cheese and bread and fresh veggies and drank our own sangria.

This picnic was followed by dinner at Rosa Mexicana followed by aimless walking up and down the streets of Chinatown and then agreeing to meet up with JO whom I hadn’t seen since he visited NYC several months back and I saw him for 2 seconds on Delancey Street, which we couldn’t find him on for hours because he kept telling us he was on “Valencia Street.”  Anyway, since I hadn’t seen JO in months, SS and I decided we would make the effort to go meet up with him wherever he was.  Apparently he was in the NE, the Brooklyn to NYC, the “danger zone” where no girl would dare travel, especially at night.  We got in a cab and as we were pulling up to this bar that JO was at, the cab driver counts our cash, turns around and yells “This is all I get?!?!?  This is all I get for taking you to this dangerous neighborhood?!?!?!?”  SS and I looked at each other… “dangerous neighorhood”…. wonderful.  We threw him another $1 and walked upstairs to find JO having margaritas with his high school friends.  Though this was quite the trekk, it was good to see JO and most importantly, we had some really good margaritas from their pitcher, which I proceeded to throw up this morning.  I hate it when I waste drinks like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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