Monday 7/20

20 Jul

Today was pretty good I must say.  Around lunchtime today, I was talking with boss E, except I wasn’t paying much attention because I kept getting distracted by the incredibly delicious looking soup and salad she was eating while counseling me.  Except while staring, I couldn’t help but notice that boss E was just eating the liquid soup and leaving all the chicken behind.  I refrained from saying anything because I wasn’t sure if she was leaving the chicken for last, which is what I do when I eat anything (leave the best for last) — which can be quite deceiving because it’s really dependent on the person.  Some people eat around what they don’t like, and thus leave what they don’t like behind.  However, other people like myself leave the best for last, so when these personalities clash it can really lead to disaster.  My dad is a “leave dislikes behind” kind of guy, so he naturally thinks that when I leave stuff behind, it’s because I don’t like it — WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGHHHHHH STOP TAKING MY “SAVING THE BEST FOR LASTS”!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I mean I will leave the rarest part of a steak for last and he will just swoop in and eat it, and then I cry, and then he’s like “what, I thought you didn’t want it,” and I am just like UGGGHHHHH NOOOOOOO I WAS LEAVING THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I digress.  So I waited until boss E literally goes “ugh, I don’t want the rest of this,” and starts reaching for the trashcan — E, ARE YOU REALLY THROWING THAT OUT I’LL TAKE IT.  “Oh, sure — here, have it, have it!”  HOORAY.

Then, I got to expense my dinner today for working uber late, so I ordered my usual Mooncake’s steak and pepper sandwich.  PEPPER AND STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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