Tuesday 7/21

21 Jul

SUMMER INDOOR PICNIC TODAY AT THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was extremely excited but was kinda upset they didn’t give us more advance notice.  They literally dropped the flyers off at our desks this morning.  I mean what if I had been sick and had to take a last-minute sick day and didn’t know about this?  Half our team was out today (at our client’s for business), and if I were them I would have been f-ing pissed.  Anyway, it was great for me because it meant that there were like 8 people missing from this indoor picnic, so that’s 8 people’s worth of food that was left for the rest of us.  They had the most incred array of hot appetizers at this picnic — delicious sliders, this jalapeno biscuit and pulled pork thing, delicately fried chicken, crab cakes, hot wings, chips and guac, Corona, Bud Light Lime, etc.

My mid-year review was today, but my managers and I really had to rush it because I had a meeting right before my review and the picnic right after it.  It was literally the quickest review I’d ever had — we zoomed through that shit.  We were 5 minutes late to the picnic (which we were really upset about), but again, luckily there were several people missing from the team today, which meant there were still plenty of sliders and pulled pork and beer left for me when we arrived.  I sat myself happily right in front of the appetizer basket and refused to move for 20 straight minutes, which my team members commented on and then awkwardly began to tell one of our EVPs about the time I didn’t refridgerate S’s leftover beef fried rice and then tried to eat the moldy goo the next day for lunch.  While awkward, perhaps that story will induce pity in my EVP and encourage him to give me a raise.  Fingers crossed.  HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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