Wednesday 7/22

22 Jul

TODAY WAS THE MOST INCRED DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At 10am this morning, I find out from our admin that there are THREE LUNCH MEETINGS TODAY WITH FOOD.  You know what that means.  TRIPLE LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!!  I immediately notified all of my teammates via AIM and then generously offered to help our admin “clean up” after each of the meetings.  She saw right through it.  Dammit.

Anyway, the first meeting that ended had one wrap leftover on the food tray, salad and pasta.  EEEKKKKK I gasped and literally ran over to the tray as another girl was walking toward the tray.  Ohhhhh heeeyyyyyyy I awkwardly said as I held victory (the last wrap) in my hands.  Then immediately three of my other teammates rushed over (of course I beat them all to it).

“Ohhhh whaattttttt where’d you get that wrap!??!??!” says coworker D.  Ohhhhhhh ummmmm I got the last one left ……….. <<long pause of hesitation>> ummmm do you want like a biteee or somethingggg……… (crying inside).  “No, it’s ok.”  THANK GOD.

“Waaaahhhhhh????????? There were sandwiches?!?!??!?!” says coworker A as she sees my plate.  Ohhhhhhh ummmmm I got the last one left ……….. <<SIGH>>  do you want like a bite or something……… (getting really protective).  “Nooooooo, it’s okkkkkk.”  OK!!!!!  Jesus Christ.

Coworker K comes over.  JESUS CHRIST I MEAN REALLY!??!??!  “Wait, where’d you get that wrap.”  I GOT THE LAST ONE, I’M REALLY REALLY SORRY, I HAVEN’T HAD LUNCH <<SWIFT EXIT>>

That was a close one.  Nearly lost a wrap.

Then, the second meeting that ended was INDIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMOGMOGMOGMOGM WE’VE NEVER HAD INDIAN FOOD AT THE OFFICE BEFORE AND IT’S LIKE MY 4TH FAV KIND OF FOOD AFTER CHINESE, MEXICAN AND JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Omg it was incred.  I don’t even know what everything is called because I don’t speak Asian but there was soooooo much rice and vegetarian stuff and curry things and chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT KABOB AND CURRY.

THEN!!!  The third meeting that ended was ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has been such an international day!!!!  There was baked ziti and grilled veggies and salad (that’s considered Italian).  I was so overwhelmed by the amount of food today that the way I decided to ration this out was wrap/salad/pasta for lunch, Indian for dinner, Italian saved for tomorrow.

Then, literally 20 minutes later, coworker D yells over her desk to me, “L THERE’S FOOD IN THE CAFE!!!!!!!”

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you.

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