Thursday 7/30

30 Jul

Ugh, worked another 14 hour day again.  And this time it’s only because I’m taking off work tomorrow.  I hate days off from work.  It stresses the hell out of me because it just means twice as much work for the day before you take off work.  The only good thing about today was that I ordered myself another one of those delicious steak and pepper sandwiches from Mooncake that I swear has like 3 steaks in one single sandwich and only costs $7 (not like it matters anyway because I am going to expense it) and it’s enough protein to last me an entire year.  And then coworker A who was working almost as late as I was found the last Corona in the office kitchen and I was so upset because I really really needed that.  She didn’t mean to do that to me though; she didn’t know I drank.

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