Saturday 8/1

1 Aug

Well yesterday was disastrous.  It started fantabulous when I went for sushi with my puta J and splurged and spent the most money I’ve spent on food in a really long time when we got the lunch sushi special, a special roll and edamame for $23/person.  That filled me for the rest of the day – good thing because apparently B was having a birthday dinner that I didn’t realize was a dinner because I thought Kuma Inn was a bar, and I was not planning on spending any more money on food for the day.  So in an effort to not have to eat at dinner, I filled myself up with liquids at S’s and B’s apartment including a free AMP UP that I got off the street, a bourbon on the rocks and a martini.  Then at dinner  – which was BYOB – we brought a huge bottle of wine and that is what I ate for dinner while everyone else at the table enjoyed great Cambodian tapas.  The night continued with more drinks and more bars until the next morning (today) I ralphed up some serious bright neon green AMP UP followed by some serious bright neon yellow bile.  This was good because then I wasn’t hungry until 4pm, at which point the only thing I could stomach was Tasty King house special soup.


ok I couldn’t help myself.  I had to get another Tasty King house special soup two hours later.  I was so hungry.  When I got down there and put in my order, the lady looked at me and in her Asian voice goes “ANOTHER ONE?!?!??!?”  I just smiled and nodded.  Now I am so full of sodium.

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