Monday 8/3

3 Aug

Day 1 of eating Charlie’s Southern Style Kitchen leftover fried chicken, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.


Today roommate L informed me of this Discovery Channel feature on sharks and Seal Island (why he was watching this I do not know).  Seal Island is a small island near Cape Town that is home to a ton of Cape Fur Seals which in turn attracts a bunch of Great White Sharks.  Apparently research suggests that large feasts may induce mating in these Great White Sharks, as evidenced by observational studies in which huge whale carcasses are dropped in front of these sharks, they completely binge eat, and they get really full.  What happens is the large volume of food makes the sharks less aggressive, they get really dopey and exhibit drunken behavior, then they start mindlessly fucking.

This totally reminded me of you!!! exclaimed roommate L.  I smiled.

Thanks Tasty King beef and broccoli lunch special with pork fried rice and wonton soup — thanks to you, I have become the Great White Shark (more accurately known as the Great Yellow Shark).

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