Tuesday 8/4

4 Aug


Day started out great when I came back to my desk from a 3 hour meeting and found a DERICIOUS PRESENT ON MY DESK.  and an IM from coworker P!!!

P (12:52:26 PM): i left a present for you – I couldn’t finish my lunch
P (12:52:40 PM): its chicken and tomatoe sauce and mac & cheese

SHE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN!  Later in the afternoon around 6ish right as I was getting hungry for dinner, I found some proscuitto sandwiches, pasta, salad and fresh fruit on the cafe counter.

THEN!  Around 7ish my manager IMs me being like “What are you doing tonight, how late are you staying?”  I answer honestly as I am a terrible liar.  The next thing she says to me is “Ok, let’s go to dinner in Chinatown” (WHAT, YES!!!!!!!!!) “I have something I need to talk to you about.” (Oh shit, what………..)

I immediately panic and think shit I’m getting fired ……….. but at least I’m getting a free dinner out of it.

What the “talk” ended up being about was admin A — as expected.  That’s right.  The same admin who STOLE MY CAPE CODE CHIPS THE OTHER WEEK. Admin A hates me (hence, stealing my chips) so she talked back during her mid-year review when I had given her constructive criticism (i.e., negative feedback), but like, that’s exactly what reviews are for, hello, and plus YOU STOLE MY CHIPS.

I was so pissed during the entire “talk” as my manager tried to reconcile the tension between admin A and me and the only thing that comforted me was the wonton noodle soup, duck and bubble tea going into my stomach for free (along with the other two meals I had also eaten for free just a few hours ago).

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