Monday 8/10

10 Aug

I am disappointed to say I have had one of the most anti-poverexic 36 hours I’ve had since my birthday dinner last year when I spent $70 on a tortilla soup from Mama Mexico’s.  After waking up to a splitting headache yesterday at 1pm after a night of S’s bday celebration at Slainte, I immediately ordered my usual Tasty King lunch special beef and broccoli with pork fried rice with wonton soup.  I usually eat my Sunday brunch over two hours or so of good Sunday TV or DVR-ed goodness, so as I was nearly at the halfway mark of finishing my Tasty King an hour later, I get a phone call from S wanting to go to Zum Schneider’s for liter beers.

I had just eaten but I was up for liter beers and S and J’s leftover wiener schnitzel so I walk down sketchy Ave C (otherwise known as Little Bosnia) to find S and J finishing up their hangover food and liter beers.  I was excited to see what sorts of dericious leftovers S and J had for me, but to my great disappointment all S had leftover was a short fat soft white piece of sausage that really resembled something I was all too familiar with.  As much as that would normally delight me, I just wasn’t up for that crap on a hungover Sunday afternoon.  I took one bite of it and spat it back out.

Upset, I leaned over to take a better look at J’s plate.  Whatcha got there.  But what was leftover on her plate looked like a patch of sticky gnats, otherwise known as potato dumplings, otherwise resembling the rancid fried rice goo I had experienced just a few weeks back.  I don’t know what was wrong with me.  This was virtually the first time I had declined free food.  What I did instead was order myself a $15 liter dark beer and then a few hours later, order myself a $20 hamburger and french fries while catching up on all my missed episodes of True Blood at S’s new apt (as roommate L likes to say – Sookie, I take great pleasure in your monthlies).

Then today, despite the fact that I had an entire half order of Tasty King beef and broccoli with pork fried rice leftover from yesterday that I ate today for lunch (this time I had refridgerated it, so the pork fried rice had not turned to goo), I was still starving by dinner time, so I ordered myself another Tasty King dinner.  I was upset at myself for how I had behaved the past 36 hours, so I decided to treat myself to something different by ordering chicken and broccoli instead of my usual beef and broccoli.  I have to say it really made me feel better – it was like I had discovered a whole new world.  Chicken and broccoli was so much fresher, so much healthier, so much more refreshing.  The only downside is that because it tastes so much deceivingly healthier, I finished the entire order in one sitting, whereas with beef and broccoli I can make it last over two meals.

All in all, in the past 36 hours, I spent $10 on Tasty King, $15 on liter beer, and $20 on hamburger and fries.  That sets a personal record for the amount of money I’ve spent on food in less than a week.  To compensate, I will scrounge extra hard for the rest of the week.

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