Tuesday 8/11

11 Aug
P (11:33:34 AM): remember the mac & cheese and chicken lunch
P (11:33:51 AM): would you want to go in halvies on that today for lunch?
L (11:34:55 AM): hmmmmm maybeeeeee i am trying to eat better lately
P (11:35:37 AM): haha ok
L (11:35:43 AM): but ask me again next week!!!
L (11:35:46 AM): seriously it’s just this week
L (11:35:52 AM): that i am trying to get myself on a cleansing
L (11:36:00 AM): and by cleansing i just mean not eating chinese food and similar foods every day
P (11:36:00 AM): okkkkkk

ummmmmm yeaaahhhhhh that was one big fat lie.  I had just eaten an entire order of chicken and broccoli with white rice in one sitting last night.  I just didn’t want to spend $3 on a lunch by splitting that $6 mac and cheese and chicken thing with coworker P.  But of course I couldn’t tell her that because I think she would seriously reconsider me as a normal human if she found out I was too stingy to spend $3 on lunch.  In all seriousness though, I had really reached my max limit this past Sunday-Monday when I spent more money on food in a single 36-hour period since my birthday in September 2008.  So I really need to lay off on buying food when I can just eat free stuff, like the pitcher of orange juice that was left on the cafe counter later today.

Ruckily, I worked another 13-hour day today so was able to expense my dinner, which meant ordering my usual steak and pepper sandwich from Mooncakes, which — combined with the other items I had eaten earlier today: a leftover piece of bread from coworker P’s lunch, a handful of roasted almonds from coworker J, and a handful of dark and milk chocolates from coworker E — did not really support my “trying to eat healthier” lie.  Even more ruckier, I had such a headache from these 13-hour work days (and the office Starbucks machine had been broken both yesterday and today and I had been cranky for 48 hours straight from not having my usual 5 daily cups of coffee) that I didn’t even feel like finishing both halves of my Mooncakes sandwich … which means I have a whole other half of steak sandwich leftover for tomorrow.  RUCKYYYYYY!!!

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