Wednesday 8/12

12 Aug

Today was alright.  I had that leftover half of steak and pepper sandwich from yesterday for lunch, then right as I was on my last bite, coworker P comes over to my cubicle and whispers, “Hey, you hungry?”  Well, I just ate, but YES.  WHERE’S THE FOOD.  She motions for me to come follow her and we scurry over to the other side of the office, where there is a hidden meeting room full of hidden sandwiches and salad!!!!!!!  We remain very silent during this entire endeavor, I quickly grab a turkey sandwich, and we scurry back to our desks without anyone noticing.  Five minutes later, I hear admin A whine, “I cleaned everything up after the meeting, and I didn’t even get a sandwich!”  Oops, sorry.  Like I tell people all the time, you gotta be quick around here.  Not just quick — RAPID FIRE.

So I eat this sandwich around 5pm, an hour before a group of us leave work early to go to the movie premiere of The Time Traveler’s Wife, compliments of our good ole vendor who is this 65 year old guy who used to work in TV production who loves us because we’re a group of beautiful, fun, young girls.  I was really excited to catch a glimpse of Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, but I was more excited to get some free popcorn because I was starving after the sandwich had digested itself.  The last premiere I went to — Nights of Rodanthe (worst movie ever) — there was endless popcorn and free water bottles, so I was looking forward to the same.

My expectations were completely in line — we arrive to the theater, there are tons of famous looking people that I don’t recognize looking beautiful on the red carpet, and I rush straight to grab a bag of popcorn, and then a second, when one of the theater Nazis rudely shakes her finger at me, “Only one popcorn per person.”  Goddammit. Bitch.

Thank god five minutes later coworker A (who also came to the movies and was a few minutes late) calls me — I thought she was calling to find me in the theater, but instead she asks “Hey, do you want me to get you an extra bag of popcorn?  I don’t want any so I can get some for you.”  FAV COWORKER EVER!!!!!  So for dinner I inhaled two bags of incredibly salty popcorn and was so dehydrated afterwards that I downed an entire bottle of water, followed by a medium diet coke (all free).

The movie was alright.  And by alright I mean pretty terrible.  But the best part was that as we were exiting the theater, I saw Ron Livingston, aka Berger from Sex and the City, which I prefer to spell Burger from Sex and the City, and I yelled BURGER!  I LOVE BURGER!  He knew what I was talking about.  We made eye contact and he smiled.

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