Friday 8/14

15 Aug

Yesterday and today were a mess at work.  No free food whatsoever from meetings.  Terrible.  So on Thursday I was left to just eat my usual canned soup and that is literally all I could afford to eat all day.  Luckily, F’s bday party was that night at Superdive, best bar on earth where there are no rules, and I knew I was going to score some free drinks there to fill my belly.  Boy was I right!  As soon as I arrive, we start some serious rounds of flip cup, and being on one canned soup all day, I was wasted after 3 rounds.  And after 17 more rounds of flip cup and 2 winning rounds of beirut, I was gone.  But most importantly, I was really really full.  On beer.  I am not quite sure what happened after that.

Today was a terrible day at work too where yet again there was no free food from meetings, so I yet again had to go into my stash of canned soup that I bought with my own money.  I was not happy (although that Manhattan Clam Chowder was pretty damn good).

However, the day started looking better food-wise and worse work-wise as we got closer to the end of the day.  It seems it usually works this way where food and work are an inverse relationship — makes sense, since the later I stay at work the better my chances of being able to expense a meal.  At 6pm when I should have been heading out of work to enjoy my weekend, I still had 4+ hours left of work to do and wanted to cry, but I was really hungry since I had only eaten soup all day and my stomach was really looking forward to some free food.  Coworker D was in the same position, and so we decide to order some Malaysian food from Penang and we order a feast.  We get Roti Canai as appetizers, she gets curry, I get pad thai, and we get thai iced teas and mangoes and sticky rice.  Then, as if the day couldn’t get any better, right as we had just put in our Seamless Web order, I get a text from coworker P: “Hey!  I left work early and I left 1/2 yogurt/fruit thing in the fridge if you want the rest.  I’m sure it will be bad by Monday.”  BEST COWORKER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up leaving work at 10:30pm, having finally finished all my work and having finally fed myself a really full and dericious – but most importantly, free – meal.

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