Saturday 8/15

15 Aug

Woke up STARVING this morning.  This always happens when I eat a full meal the night before — I’m just hungrier the next day.  Terrible.  I am at a complete loss right now as to what I should do.  I am dying to order my usual Tasty King lunch special for $5.50 but I am supposed to go to a Shabbat picnic in Central Park at 2pm where I know there’s just going to be a cornucopia of Jewish food, l’chaim!!!  I don’t know if I can wait 2.5 hours to eat.  To tide me over, I will chew on ice and fall back asleep.


B’S SHABBAT WAS AMAZING.  Shabbat Shalom!!  There was so much incredible food — endless bread and cheese, pita and hummus and baba ganoush, olives, mozarella balls, fresh veggies, grapes, I ate an entire box of cherries, lox, proscuitto, raw almonds, challah (hollaaaaaa), babka, free flowing pinot grigio disguised by Gatorade bottles, and vodka soaked gummy worms (hmmm…).  C and I were the only non-Jews there, and coincidentally we are both Asian, so it was slightly awk when B took his birthright-sponsored shabbat brunch photo and there were 2 random Asians who clearly did not belong.  I belonged in spirit though, given my deep love for Judaism, particularly Purim (Haman booooo), Kosher wine, Hanukkah and the high holidays.

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