Thursday 8/20

20 Aug

7th day (inclusive) of free food.  I am on an incredible streak.  Streak reminds me of steak.  Today there was the most amazing lunch at work — grilled salmon, thick slices of roast beef, grilled veggies, salad with berries and walnuts, bruschetta and roasted potatoes — my plate was piled so high, higher than anyone else’s.  I have been eating so healthily lately.  And then for dessert there were mini fruit tarts and chocolate covered strawberries.  RUCKYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the amount of food I ate for lunch, I was still hungry by 5pm — unfortunately I had a dentist appointment today and my mouth and tongue were completely numb from the novocaine until 9pm so I couldn’t eat dinner.  (Girls, the novocaine diet is the next fad diet.)  I guess that worked out financially for me, though.  If I can somehow find some free food tomorrow, I will have gone an entire full week spending a week-long total of only $5.50 on food.

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