Saturday 8/22

22 Aug

SUCCESS!  I totally succeeded in going 8 straight days only spending $5.50 on food (meaning, from last Friday to yesterday, the only food I had to buy with my own money was Sunday’s Tasty King lunch special for $5.50).

Yesterday at work I was talking about how hungry I was, and coworker A tells me “Oh, I still have that entire thing of Chinese food I ordered for the team lunch.  It’s from Tuesday though. Do you still want it?  I’m sure it’s gross by now.”  UM YES.  WHY DON’T YOU WANT IT.  “Ew, because it’s from Tuesday.”  OK!!!  I run to the fridge and I see that she had literally barely touched her lunch special from Tuesday’s lunch — it was an entire takeout box still completely full of steamed chicken and broccoli with brown rice.  It was the best thing ever.  And then coworker A proceeds to buy a pork sandwich, which she also didn’t finish and gave to me later in the afternoon.  I just don’t understand why people act like this.  Like if you have an entire box of takeout food leftover, why would you go out and buy fresh food.  It is such a waste of money.  People are so wasteful.

Anyway, in celebration of my incredibly successful endeavor of going 8 days on $5.50 on food (that’s less than 69 CENTS per day!!!), and as an early birthday gift, S bought me tickets to the Puppetry of the Penis which was the most incredible show of two 20-something-year-old guys playing with their dicks and forming impressive installations out of their wee wees, such as a twat, a Brazilian twat, camel toe, the brain (which C used to do for me all the time in college), roller skates, baby bird feeding, sea anemone, mollusk, snail, KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, DRUM STICK, HOT DOG, HAMBURGERRRRRRR, etc.  I started to get really hungry.  S couldn’t make it to the show so instead I took K, who was equally hungry after seeing the hot dog and the hamburger on the show and bought herself a bbq hamburger with caramelized onions post-show from a nearby cafe.  I of course just enjoyed the burger vicariously.

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