Sunday 8/23

23 Aug

I was so inspired by my successes last week that I may start a new $5.50-per-week challenge moving forward.  Yesterday I bought my usual Tasty King lunch special chicken and broccoli with pork fried rice and wonton soup, only ate half of it all day yesterday, and ate the rest today.

Then today a great thing happened when I went over to M’s apt to do some work.  She ordered this delicious sounding salad from Lenny’s, but when it came, M takes one look at it, makes this really distressed face, and goes “What IS this, I didn’t order this sald, wtf, what IS this, I got balsamic vinaigrette, this isn’t balsamic vinaigrette, WTF.”  She very angrily picks up her phone, calls Lenny’s back and she starts yelling “HI.  I JUST ORDERED A SALAD.  I ASKED FOR BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE BUT I GOT THIS WEIRD CREAMY DRESSING INSTEAD.  I NEED YOU TO BRING ME BACK MY CORRECT ORDER IMMEDIATELY.”  The wrath of M.  Can’t get that dressing wrong, no no.

I of course was thinking to myself, I like creamy dressing.  DON’T THROW IT OUT, I yelled to M as I saw her putting the lid back on her salad.  “Oh no, sorry – you’re out of luck this time; they always ask to give back the wrong order.”  What?  I had never heard of such a thing!  Don’t they usually let you keep the wrong order since it was THEIR fault???  I was discouraged.  I thought I’d score a free salad.

The delivery guy comes again with the new order, but to my ecstatic surprise, he didn’t ask for the wrong order back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My eyes were gleaming and I was just waiting for M to give me the approval to dive in.  “You can have this salad with the gross dressing.”  YES!!!  It was the most incred salad ever, full of nutrition and healthy things like heart of palm, corn, chicken, raisins, mandarin oranges, etc etc etc.

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