Wednesday 8/26

26 Aug

Today, I had canned split pea soup with ham with half a bag of freezer burnt veggies that I had completely forgotten about that had been sitting in the office freezer since spring of last year.  When I opened the bag, literally half of it was pure ice and the rest was disgusting looking colors of I don’t know what.  But I was quickly running out of food and there was no free food at the office and this was one of my few options left, along with some Japanese balls of sugar that my mother gave me for the holidays.  So I figured if I heated the freezer burnt veggies in the microwave for 5 minutes on high, everything would be fine, and then I would mix it in with my canned soup.

I guess that worked.  Wasn’t so delicious.

Thank god later in the afternoon we had an office birthday celebration where there was stale popcorn and sun chips and chocolate cake and bottles of water, which became my dinner.

I am so hungry.

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