Sunday 9/20

20 Sep

This weekend I made a terrible mistake.  Yesterday I tried to be adventurous and branch out from my usual beef/chicken and broccoli lunch special with white rice and wonton soup.  So instead I decided to get mango chicken with white rice and egg drop soup.  Ugh, terrible mistake.  I mean it was fine, of course it was still really good, everything on the menu from Tasty King is really good, but it just wasn’t as good, you know?  The mango made everything really sweet and on top of that the chicken had sweet and sour sauce all over it, so the entire thing was just too sweet, and sweet is really not what you crave when you’re hungover on the weekends.  Savory is really what I needed.  And the egg drop soup was really good too, it just wasn’t the usual clear salty chicken broth that I always crave on weekend afternoons.  I couldn’t even finish my meal because I was slightly disgusted by all the sweetness.  That was the first time since I started going to Tasty King that I couldn’t finish my meal.  I was disappointed in myself for not being able to finish it, but more so than that, I was disappointed in myself for betraying my usual beef/chicken and broccoli lunch special.  Beef/Chicken and broccoli had been nothing but good to me all these months, and I completely betrayed its trust.  I am such a traitor.

Today I went running back with open arms to my usual beef and broccoli with white rice and wonton soup and found to my horror that the Tasty King lunch special prices had GONE UP.  I couldn’t believe it.  I gave the lady my usual $5.50 and she stared at me and yelled in her little Chinese accent “FIVE NINETY FIVE.”  What?!?!?!  I took another look at all the lunch special prices — beef and broccoli had indeed gone up 40 cents to $5.95 and chicken and broccoli had gone up 50 cents to $5.75.  THIS WAS BULLSHIT.  WTF.  I had been nothing but an incredibly loyal customer to Tasty King and they fucking up their prices.  I have been so upset this entire weekend.

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