Monday 9/21

21 Sep

Today I really re-contemplated my life when I had to go into work at 4:45am.  These Europeans are killing me with their BST and CEST time zones.  I don’t even want to think about if/when we start working with Asia.  I was so tired today that I wasn’t even hungry until I got home in the evening 13 hours later.  And then the hunger struck, but then I remembered that I can’t even afford to buy Tasty King as often anymore now that they’ve raised their prices by 50 cents.  So I had to dig through our fridge and find my leftovers from Sunday, then A’s leftovers from Sunday that she left behind as a gift to the apartment, and then K’s leftovers from Sunday that she left behind because she ate all the chicken and didn’t want the rice and veggies. I was so hungry.

Sunday was such a traumatizing day when roommates K, L and I discovered the horrible thing that Tasty had done to us.  Today we started contemplating tactics on how to combat this — we must right this wrong.  Maybe what we could do is boycott Tasty for 2 weeks, since my suspicion is – and as much as I hate to think this – that they completely took advantage of our loyalty and thought to themselves in their Chinese voices, “Ohhhh I know what we can dooooooooo, those children living in that apartment across the street, they eat here every day, and there are THREEEE of them!!!  Think how much we would gain if we just raised our prices just 50 cents.  We would gain $1.50 EVERY DAY!!!!  That $10.50 A WEEK!!!!!!!!!  That soooo much moneeyyyyy ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

And then they decided to raise their prices.  So if we three boycotted them, they would be left with no other option but to change their prices back.  They would lose SO much money without our business!!!  We could even threaten to actively boycott Tasty for 2 weeks and order delivery from their competitor FriendHouse instead.  That would really force them to drop down their prices.

Sigh, but alas, K, L and I would never have the heart to do that, nor the stomachs.  We love Tasty too much — we could never do such a thing.  And besides, even with their 50-cent raise, they’re still significantly cheaper than FriendHouse.  This just means we’re doomed, and Tasty has completely doomed us.  Doooooommmmmm.

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