Friday 9/25

25 Sep

Well after two whole weeks of expensing my meals and cabs to and from work due to my odd work schedule of coming into work at 4:30am and leaving at 9:30pm, I was at a complete loss after our event successfully launched on Wednesday and my schedule returned to semi-normal.  I was mainly at a complete loss because I found myself no longer able to expense my meals, which meant having to somehow find my own food either for free or with my own money.  So what did I do?  Here’s what I did:

Wednesday: SP was in town so we all went to dinner at Spice, which reminded me of the Spice in Harvard Square only because they have the same name.  And then I had flashbacks to the terrible one date I had there, the one where I only agreed to go on it because he was the owner of my favorite bar and I thought I’d get free drinks for life, and it ended up being a horrible mistake because he was just eye twitching and sweating and scratching during the entire date.  Terrible.

Anyway, I ordered the most dericious massaman curry and finished it under 10 minutes, and then just sat there as I watched LP finish her plate, M finish her plate, SP half finish her plate (!!!), A half finish her plate (!!!!!!!!) and C quarter finish her plate (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  I was getting really anxious and trying really hard not to show it.  I have been staring at A’s, SP’s and C’s plates out of the corners of my eyes, and I notice that they have not touched their plates or forks in nearly 15 minutes.  I was getting really excited until I saw a waiter slowly approach the table and reach over for SP’s plate.

NO STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I yell at him.  Then he reaches over for C’s plate and I again yell NOOOO STOPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He put SP’s plate back down with a bewildered look but he held onto C’s.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PUT THAT PLATE DOWN, WE’RE NOT FINISHED WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  C and the waiter are both trying to say something to me but I can’t really hear what they’re saying with the booming techno music playing in the restaurant.  WHAT????  STOP, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THAT AWAY?!?!?!?!??!??!  I keep yelling and I am sure the table can see the completely panicked look on my face.  Finally C says in a very firm, loud voice to me — THIS IS MY FOOD.  I AM TAKING THIS HOME AND SAVING IT FOR LUNCH TOMORROW.  I AM GETTING IT TO GO IN A TAKEOUT BOX.  IS THAT OK?

Oh.  I see.  Well that was awk.  Ha……….  Heeeee………

Anyway, on to Thursday: I literally did not eat anything all day on Thursday, mainly because I forgot to eat, but also because I noticed on Thursday that I literally had no more canned soup or ramen left in my office cubicle stash.  Shit.  That means I have to go grocery shopping this weekend.  So I didn’t eat anything knowing that I would be drinking wine later that evening at my puta J’s engagement party.  I arrived at the party on an empty stomach, had a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine, stole some bites of J’s mac and cheese, and was absolutely wasted.

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