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Saturday 9/12

12 Sep

This morning I puked green bile.  Usually the bile I puke is neon yellow, but today’s was lime green.  Not sure what made it that color.

My Sake Bombitzvah last night was incredible.  New Ashiya is the best place on earth that has all-you-can-eat sushi and all-you-can-eat beer/sake for $30.  SAKE BOMBBBBBB WOOOOO COLLEGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!  The best part, though, is that this all-you-can eat sushi includes ANYTHING on the menu, INCLUDING ALL THE SPECIAL ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And all their sushi is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so full of sushi and sake bomb.

AND!  A showed up with the best bday present ever, a Whole Food’s gift certificate!!!!  This means that all the bday gifts I received this year were food — chocolates and chocolate cake from my office, Benihana’s gift certificate from my managers, Chipotle’s gift certificate from my sister, and Whole Food’s gift certificate from A.  HAPPPYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 9/10

10 Sep

Birthdays are a poverexic girl’s best friend.  They really really really are.  Today is the happiest day ever.  My managers today all got me flowers, chocolates and a huge chocolate cake (which I had for lunch), then they brought me into their office, gave me a bowl of Dum Dums and told me that was my birthday present.  I was really excited and thanked them with all my might when they shook their heads and said, no no no silly, dig deeper.  I reached my hand into the bowl of Dum Dums and THERE WAS A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO BENIHANA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HAVE THE BEST MANAGERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN!  This afternoon I get the best Facebook post from roommate L:

Indeed it is your day of Birth
And so I wish you caloric mirth
For a finer roommate could never be found
The queen of Poverexia has surely been crowned
But what would befit this lass for a gift
When Grandiose means have been replaced by thrift
There’s vino, there’s certificates, or maybe a cake
“Here’s my roommate Luke…and my better roommate Steak”
Those words did echo and an answer decided
And so unto our fridge some bovine will be provided

Followed by the most incred gchat conversation:

L:so here is my question to you. Would you rather have a bunch of medium quality steak…or one incredible meal of absurd steak

me: GASP
L: well here is the option…a bunch of meals of OK steak, or one meal of dry aged steak with homemade truffle gnocci
i will let you decide
5:56 PM me: GASP
a bunch of meals with ok steak
this is the toughest decision of my life
5:57 PM L: its really tough
no one said your bday was going to be easy
6:09 PM me: ok — a bunch of meals with ok steaks.  you know i ultimately always go for quantity over quality in all aspects of my life.


IT GETS EVEN BETTER.  I came home from work to the most incredible array of Magnolia cupcakes gifted by roommate K, along with an envelope in the mail from my sister with a $35 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP THERE IS A CHIPOTLE RIGHT NEAR MY OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roommate K's Birthday Present

Roommate K's Birthday Present

And P.S. check out the awesome Fashion Week pink cupcakes with a cell phone and purse.  Nice find, K.

I then receive a phone call from my dad who wishes me happy birthday and tells me he will pay my credit card bill for the month of September.  I think he felt bad for forgetting my birthday last year.  Anyway, you know what I will be spending my credit card on — TASTY KING FOR FREE EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously have the best managers, roommates and family ever.  Surprise!  I’m fabulous!  And the weekend has not yet even begun.

Wednesday 9/9

9 Sep

Well, I got in from the airport last night circa 1am, was up uploading photos onto Facebook and updating my blog until 2:30am, then had to take up at 6am to prep for an all-day client meeting from 10am-5pm where I had to actually dress up, put in my contacts, wear makeup and look nice for work (which I never do as I don’t have anyone I have to impress at work since PR is all girls) and wanted to fall asleep all day.  The greatest thing about our client coming in, though, was all the free flowing food that was available throughout the day today.

Free foods I scored today include the following:

  • Fresh fruit and pastries with coffee for our morning session with client
  • Free lunch today at Aqua Grill in Soho where we took our client out and I ordered the freshest cod ever and steamed vegetables with Chardonnay
  • Leftover sushi (California, tuna, spicy tuna, salmon avocado) from some other client meeting going on today, which I immediately grabbed before anyone else saw the leftover sushi tray
  • Roti canai that I ordered towards the end of the day and expensed since I was at the office today from 6:30am to 9:30pm
  • Roommate L’s homemade dinner of pasta with sundried tomatoes and sausage with Negro Modelo

However, I realized that my friend’s Saturday of free food totally beat my Wednesday of free food when I received this email from him this morning detailing the most delicious sounding wedding ever.

The wedding was super fun and the food was absurd. The first night we got there they had a clam bake which was all you can eat of the following:
1. 1.5 lb lobsters
2. Steamed clams
3. New England Clam Chowder
4. Two kinds of pasta
5. Mozzarella and tomato salad
6. Hamburgers
7. Hot dogs
8. Fried Chicken
9. Grilled Shrimp
10. Fillet of Sole

And perhaps most importantly incredible Argentine red and white wine and 4 different uncommon beers. I was in heaven, and decided to make everyone very uncomfortable by donning 2 lobster bake bibs and going back to the buffet line 5 different times for 5 very adorable lobsters which are now residing comfortably in my belly.

J, this one’s for you — I am expecting #1-10 at your wedding in January.

Tuesday 9/8

9 Sep

I’M BACK from a fabulous trip to visit my Panamaniac in Panama City.  It was a great week full of fun and anti-poverexic activities like spending lots of money because I was on vacation.  And by lots of money, I mean spending $20 on dinner which is way expensive in Panama because usually food is like half that price (and because I am used to usually only spending a quarter of that on my Tasty King meals).

Some poverexic activities I engaged in included the following:

  • Buying 20 packs of cigarettes for $14 which I hope will last roommate L and me a lifetime (or, two weeks)
  • Eating $1 McDonald’s french fries every other night before we went out
  • Having my Panamaniac host bring me a Panamanian breakfast in bed of Panamanian tortillas, carimanolas and salsichas while I was doing work work on my vacation
  • Eating $5 ceviche de corvina every day which is my favorite thing in the entire world (although I have to say the best ceviche I have ever had after having tried them in 8 Latin American countries is Peruvian ceviche)


Some anti-poverexic activities I engaged in included the following:

  • Buying afternoon drinks at an expensive hotel just because we were exhausted and dehydrated after having gotten our nails done and gone tanning in those awesome stand-up tanning beds
  • Buying a really expensive meal at the Panama Canal restaurant just so we could get a good view of the boats going through the Canal
Panama Canal

Panama Canal

  • Buying 3 bottles of champagne, 4 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of vodka for 3 girls for 1 day at the beach (we finished it all)
  • Going to lunch at 3pm, then going to Bennigan’s for pre-dinner appetizers and drinks at 7pm, then going to a dinner at 9pm where we acted like children instead of paying attention to what we were ordering
Napkin Dick

Napkin Dick

  • Going to dim sum for the first time ever (odd that my first dim sum experience was in Panama but apparently there are a lot of my kind over there) and spending $25 on dim sum because we were starving and I was about to head to the airport and didn’t know when I was going to eat again

I guess 4 poverexic activities vs. 5 anti-poverexic activities isn’t a bad ratio.  All in all, I had a great time in Panama with my Panamaniac.  In the words of Shakira the Shewolf, AUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Wednesday 9/2

2 Sep


5:40 PM L: dont want to alter your plans in anyway, but theres a feast tonight
5:41 PM me: GASP SHUT UP
tell me
L: chilled chili steak
L: and corn avocado salad
5:42 PM me: OMGGGGGGGGGG SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:45 PM L: hahahaha, because I have nothing else to do
and i think about food just as much as you do
me: i want to cryyyyyyyyyy
L: only i love cooking just as much as eating
me: i love watching cooking!

Tuesday 9/1

1 Sep

The past 24 hours have been magnificent.  Last night I worked until 11:15pm, so my boss and I split an order of fried calamari and I ordered myself a huge hamburger with fries for dinner, except I got so full off the fried calamari that I didn’t even get to the hamburger/fries — which meant I had all of it leftover for today.  I meant to eat it for lunch but just didn’t have time to eat today because I was scrambling in between work and personal errands to run before my trip to Panama this week.

At 6:15pm today I finally got around to unwrapping my leftover hamburger and fries and had just microwaved it when I get a call from roommate L asking when I was coming home.  Oh no L, are you locked out?!?!??!?  “No, I was just wondering when you were coming home because I’m making some sour cream and onion Pringles encrusted chicken for you guys tonight.”

SOUR CREAM AND ONION PRINGLES ENCRUSTED CHICKEN !?!?!??!??!??!??!??!??!??!??!??!?!?!

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly lost it at work.  I had to get home.  I rushed home as soon as I could and this is the dericiousness that I came home to, beautiful chicklings cooking in a comfy nest of crushed Pringles:

Sour cream and onion Pringles encrusted chicken

Sour cream and onion Pringles encrusted chicken


And the greatest thing is I still have that hamburger and fries for tomorrow, and tomorrow is my last day in the  office since I’m leaving for Panama first thing Thursday morning.  And then I will be bathing in Panamanian sun and eating cheap Panamanian dericiousness and drinking Panamanian liquors with my one and only Panamaniac.