Thursday 10/1

1 Oct

Roommate K had been away for a few days and finally returned with her visiting parents and something incredible.

3:50 PM L: you are going to have a heart attack
we might not be able to show you what K brought back all at once
your stomach would explode in anticipation/delight/orgasmic spasms
3:52 PM me: WHAT
give me a preview
3:56 PM L: one cannot be told about the kitchen…one must see it (matrix quote)
3:57 PM me: omg i cannot contain my excitement
L: you have no concept of what happened
spontaneous orgasms

Apparently K had found a Costo somewhere far away from Manhattan and had forced her parents to buy us an inordinate amount of food in bulk, all in bulk — cereal, cereal bars, RAMEN, peanut butter, strawberries, BACON, ham, veggie trays, bread, guac, BEER, bagel bites, ravioli, omg it was food to last us a lifetime!!! ……. or a week.  I nearly had a heart attack.

I guess food was really on my mind (when is it not) because something embarrassing happened when I was slightly dozing off on the couch waiting for K’s parents to arrive to the apt to take us out to dinner (!!!!!!!!!!).  I opened one eye at the TV after dozing off for a few minutes and saw an incredible plate of salmon sashimi on a commercial.  OMGOMOGMOMG THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE WHAT IS THAT WHERE IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Roommate L takes one disgusted look at me, points at the TV as the next part of the commercial comes on and goes, “……………. that’s C-A-T FOOD.”  Oh.

Well anyway.  K’s parents took us out to Graffiti last night, which we picked because it’s BYOB.  This restaurant was the tiniest place in the world and the food was incred.  It was tapas style so we ordered chili pork dumprings, zucchini hummus pizza, burgers with chipotle mayonnaise, green chili shrimp, chickpea crusted skate, and duck portobello gratinee.  We also had 4 big bottles of wine among 5 people, and I was wasted.  I’m such a lightweight.

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