Friday 10/2

2 Oct

Well, less than 24 hours after K brought home a Costco-full of goodies, roommate L and I had already consumed 5 ramens, an entire order of sliced ham, and half a box of strawberries … oops, sorry K 😦 but it was rearry dericious.  Yesterday I ate one ramen that I made by myself, and was still hungry (those tiny ramens), so roommate L made me another ramen that was 10 times better with spices, ham and bacon with its bacon fat.

Today was rucky too because we had a pizza and beer lunch, so I had 4 slices of pizza and a Corona.  Later in the afternoon there was a goodby party for a coworker so there were plenty of doritos, cheetos, pringles, pretzels, and chips and salsa with beer.  Our office enjoys beer.

I guess the chips didn’t really fill me up because I was starving after getting through my DVR-ed ‘Flash Forward’ (fav new show) and ‘The Office’ and getting really upset at the fact that my fucking DVR didn’t record ‘Parks and Recreation.’  Luckily I made an incred discovery that made me feel a lot better — two packs of nori (which is the seaweed that’s around sushi – or “sea vegetable,” as my mother calls it because she doesn’t like that the word “weed” is in there) that my mother had given me while I was home last Christmas.  They’re pretty old, but not really because they were hidden in our freezer this entire time, and anything kept in the freezer becomes invincible.  I ate one of the packs with the white rice that roommate K had left behind with soy sauce.  Then it occurred to me that that’s what poor people eat in Japan — white rice with soy sauce and nori.  I guess poor people in New York do too.

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