Tuesday 10/6

6 Oct

I was so hungry all day today.  This is what happens when someone who isn’t used to eating a lot suddenly eats a shitload over an extended period of time.  When my poverexic stomach is teased with enormous amounts of food, especially sushi, it just wants more.  Today for lunch I had one of my Annie Chun just-add-hot-water noodle bowls, and I was still starving.

When I got home, I immediately ordered a chicken and broccoli with white rice and was so hungry that I was deliriously yelling at the Tasty King delivery boy over the phone to get me a “chicken and beef.”  CHICKEN AND BEEF WAH, they yelled.  CHICKEN-AND-BEEF, I yelled back.  YAH BUT CHICKEN AND BEEF WAH.  CHIICCKKEENNN ANDDDD BEEEFFFFFF.  It took me like 10 minutes to realize that what I had meant to say was “chicken and broccoli” and I just kept yelling “chicken and beef” into the poor boy’s ear and probably confused the hell out of him.  I was so hungry I was craving two types of meat.

When the chicken and broccoli came, I literally scarfed it down in like 10 minutes.  I was still hungry, so I ate the rest of roommate K’s teriyaki chicken.  I was still hungry, so I went to the fridge to eat my last remaining Magnolia cupcake from my birthday one month ago when GASP WHAT!  I discovered it was gone.  I let out a distress yelp and roommate L comes out of his room and asks what’s wrong.  CUPCAKE GONE!  I cry.  “Oh, I threw it out today because there was gray mold on one half of the cupcake and green mold on the other half.  Should I not have thrown it out?”  I shook my head and pouted.

Saddened, roommate K and I decided instead to defrost a huge king size Reese’s piece and eat it for dessert.  Notice it is nearly the size of K’s iPhone.

King Size Reese's

King Size Reese's

I still hungry. 😦

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