Sunday 10/18

18 Oct

Well this weekend was disastrous … and FREE.  Starting with Friday night when C won a free one-hour open bar and invited everyone and anyone.  I was super excited to have a full hour of free drinks and made a conscious effort to arrive on the early side.  The open bar was from 10-11pm, so B and I got there at 10:10pm to discover to our dismay that apparently the promoters had already run out of wristbands and no wristband = no open bar.  We were absolutely enraged.  I didn’t come here just to hang out with clowns and men on stilts and men in drag.  And when I say clowns and men on stilts and men in drag, I do not kid.  This bar was called “Carnival” and was one of the most terrifying places I’d ever been to in my entire life.  There was an actual carnival there with cotton candy and skee ball (which I like to call skeet ball) and a bunch of other terrifying games, and the bar was in the “Funhouse.”  It was not a fun house.  It was the scariest experience ever, and we literally physically ran out of this place after 15 minutes, although I did manage to score 1 free drink via C’s sneaky moves.

Then on Saturday S hosted a viewing of the Texas-OU game, which for me meant wearing OU colors just to make S mad and going for all the free food and drinks.  S ordered enough wings, deviled eggs, coleslaw and homemade potatoes chips to feed – as always – a Mormon family, and I think people around me, especially B, were quite disgusted by the amount of barbecue sauce that was smothering my face and fingers and by the amount of chicken bones that was quickly piling up on my plate.  Wings and beer are like my fav combo meal.

As usual, one beer got me wasted and I had to go home for a 4 hour nap before coming back to S’s place again for his housewarming party, which also turned out disastrous because I had half a solo cup of bourbon followed by half a solo cup of whiskey and I was gone yet again (although I somehow managed to hold out until past 4am).  I woke up today to a massive headache and cried myself back to sleep until 2pm when I woke up for exactly 8 minutes to order Tasty King, go out and get it, bring it back to my apartment, and take 2 bites of my beef and broccoli with pork fried rice and drink my wonton soup.  And then I cried myself back to sleep after forcing 4 Advils down my throat and woke up for real at 6:30pm.  This was ultimately extremely strategic because I now have an entire thing of beef and broccoli with pork fried rice for lunch tomorrow.

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