Monday 10/19

19 Oct

Today was a pretty good food day.  For lunch I had my entire leftover Tasty King lunch special beef and broccoli with pork fried rice.  The beef was a bit gummy, but it was all good.  There were still pears left over all over the office from last week, so I stole 3 and decided not to eat any today and save them all for tomorrow since I had just had my leftover beef and broccoli, and I didn’t know what free foods would be left for me for tomorrow (this is called strateeeeegery).

For dinner today I expensed a really good roast beef sandwich, Vitamin Water (power-c) and some Terra chips from Cafe Metro because I had to go to the NY screening of Joey Pantoliano’s new documentary for work.  It was painful and almost not worth the free expensed meal … but I would never say that.  I was under-dressed like whoa (everyone else was in black tie and I was in jeans and a “nice shirt” … oops) and decided to be even more unclassy and call attention to myself by opening up my Cafe Metro sandwich and Terra chips and sloppily eating them in the theater, but I was REALLY hungry so I had to do what I had to do.  Speaking of things that I had to do – and this is a testament to how miserable this experience was – apparently there was some really good food and drinks post-screening and I didn’t even give a shit — I just RAN out of there to catch a cab as soon as I could sans free champagne and finger foods.

Well, at least I was freely well fed today.

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