Thursday 10/29

29 Oct

Halloween is pretty bad news (health-wise) for a poverexic like me.  Mainly because I can foresee myself eating purely candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least a week straight.  I remember I used to do this when I was 5, but that was by choice.  This time it’s not really my choice if that’s the only free food left in my stash for the next week.

It already began today when I started stealing handfuls of candy to eat for brunch.  Trick or treating wasn’t supposed to start at our office until 3pm, so I made sure to sneakily go around and make the first rounds at 2:45pm before anyone else could pick out the best ones.  And I found the best one!!!  A punch bowl full of ‘eyeballs’ made of lychees with a grape in the middle.  DERICIOUS.  And fruitfully healthy!

The official party was at 4pm where I grabbed some chips and two more handfuls candy and a cupcake, and saved the candy for breakfast/lunch/dinner tomorrow.  Unfortunately I couldn’t enter the costume party for a chance to win the $50 Starbucks gift certificate because our clients were here for a meeting today and I didn’t think dressing like a slut would be such a great idea.  So instead I just dressed up like a PR professional whose company actually pays her money.

My last round was right before I left the office when I spotted 5 huge bags of candy hidden behind the receptionist’s desk (that sneaky son of a bitch).  So I dug my hands right in there and swiftly grabbed 3 handfuls and tried to stuff them into my bag as quickly as possible.  But apparently I wasn’t quick enough because as I was doing so, coworker T walked by, awkwardly noticed me stealing the candy and chucked, “Gotta get that suga high!” …… “Yeah!” I awkwardly said back and ran to the elevator.

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