Monday 11/2

2 Nov

Today was so free.  I didn’t go to work today because I needed to finish moving, and the cable guy was coming (TV and internet YES!!!).  Last night I went over to S’s to watch Californication and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and S and C ordered Rosa Mexicana for dinner so of course there were leftovers — C didn’t even touch his rice and beans and fresh tortillas, and they left half their bag of chips.  YES.  So naturally for breakfast today roommates L and K and I fried the tortillas and made puffy tacos with the leftover beans/rice/guac and fried some bacon to go in the tacos.  THEY WERE REARRY DERICIOUS.

Then later today roommate K was ordering dinner at 4pm and bought me a fruit smoothie because she owed me money from the tacos I bought her off the street over Halloween weekend.  And for herself she got a hamburger, an order of spaghetti and 2 cupcakes because she was really hungry.  The great thing about roommate K is that her eyes are way too big for her stomach.  She always orders like 3 meals because she’s “really hungry” and then barely finishes the first.  And then roommate L and I attack the rest.  Today she barely ate half her hamburger before she put it down, then only had like 3 bites of her spaghetti.  MORE FOR US!!!!!!!  Roommate L and I had a feast.

THEN!  Roommate M moved his stuff from Boston today and Poppa T gave him moving money, which he naturally just put toward ordering all of us Tasty King.  What generosity!  I wasn’t even hungry because I had been eating all day (which confuses my stomach), but in the spirit of poverexia roommate M encouraged me to order something anyway and save it for tomorrow.  I couldn’t refuse that, so I ordered my usual chicken and broccoli with white rice, ate a few bites, and saved the rest in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

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