Monday 11/16

16 Nov

I have the best boss in the world — got this email from her this morning:

SUBJECT:  These turkeys…

BODY:  are coming in to see you when I get back to the office.  Yum!

Turkey Cookies

YUM IS RIGHT.  E is one of my fav bosses ever, and her kid T is prob the only kid in the world that I like.  Maybe I wouldn’t harbor such hatred for small children if all of them cooked and baked for me on a regular basis like little T does.  One week it’s cookies, another week it’s brownies, last week it was pumpkin bread and this week it was turkey cookies.  THEY WERE SO DERICIOUS.  They reminded me of the sugar cookies I used to make with my mom until I grew some brains and learned that it was my mom’s job to cook/bake and my job to do my homework and get into Harvard.  I haven’t touched an oven since.  I have, however, continued to enjoy baked goods made by the hands of others.

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