Monday 11/30

30 Nov

Today I received a drool-inducing item in the mail: the rehearsal dinner invitation to J’s wedding over New Years.  There was a return envelope enclosed, and I thought it was an RSVP card but NO!  It was a list of entrees for the rehearsal dinner — ‘please initial your entree.’  GASPPPPPPPPPPP!!!  On the list were the following:

  • Asparagus, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and fava beans in puff pastry with hollandaise sauce
  • Pave of salmon with vegetables tian, pomme chateau and sorel cream sauce
  • Cilantro and cornbread stuffed quail and grilled petit filet with madeira sauce and vegetable julienne galette

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP.

I have no friggen idea what the first two items are, and I have no idea what madeira sauce or vegetable julienne galette is, BUT I SURE KNOW WHAT CILANTRO AND CORNBREAD STUFFED QUAIL IS.  THAT’S RIGHT.  IT’S DELICIOUSNESS.  Rather than initials, I put a huge teethy smiley face and 5 exclamation points next to entree #3.

😀 !!!!!

If this is just the rehearsal dinner, I can’t even imagine what the wedding food will be like.  Crossing my fingers it’s like Thanksgiving.

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