Tuesday 12/1

1 Dec

Today I was pulled into a brainstorm about “healthy eating.”  Why I was pulled into this brainstorm I have no idea.  Apparently I filled out a survey and it categorized me as “fashionable, health conscious and disciplined.”  Ummm…… yeah.  Or NONE OF THE ABOVE.  I specifically remembered answering “Not at all” to the question “Do you consider yourself to be health conscious?”

But I went to the brainstorm anyway because the invite promised wine, cheese and crackers.  The brainstorm was all about picking our consumer brains (yeah….. not sure if I’m the right target consumer audience……) so we just sat around discussing our eating and exercising habits.  That got pretty awk pretty quickly considering I was answering the opposite of everyone else in the room, and it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that I was there just for the free food.

Examples were as follows:

Q:  Do you restrict your diet in any way to be healthy?

Girl 1:  I try not to snack so much during the day.

Girl 2:  I can only eat gluten-free foods.  [KILL YOURSELF!!!]

Girl 3:  I try to choose only organic foods when I go grocery shopping.

Me:  I eat ramen every day for lunch and get Chinese food takeout for dinner every night.

Q:  How often do you exercise?

Girl 1:  I try to work out at least twice a week, but I don’t beat myself over it if I can’t get my 2 workouts in.

Girl 2:  I work out every day after work.

Girl 3:  I work out about 4 times a week.

Me:  The last time I worked out was high school senior year track in the year 2002.

Well….. the wine, cheese and crackers were good.  And free.

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