Thursday 12/3

3 Dec

So I finished all of S’s Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday.  I was kinda upset.  I was hoping it would last a whole week, but there hasn’t been any substantial free food at the office all week (except for the wine, cheese and crackers at the brainstorm), and I’ve been really really hungry.

But anyway, all these Thanksgiving leftovers and Tuesday’s brainstorm really made me stop and reflect on my life and question my lack of healthy eating and exercising habits.  So I decided to make an appointment for a physical for next Wednesday to check out my cholesterol level, and maybe my sodium level too while I’m at it.  I think the last time I ever got a physical must have been back in high school (once you hit a certain age you really only start to care about the health of your twat and not so much about the rest of your body).  However, I did get some blood work done 2.5 years ago when I was working at Beth Israel, and my results were flawless.  I have a feeling they may have gotten somewhat worse since I’ve started my poverexic lifestyle.

After all this contemplating, roommate L generously offered to cook me up something healthy, so he made some delicious shrimp and sea bass doused in delicious butter and oil.

Shrimp & Bass

And then tonight, we had some dericious fried dumprings.  No, not Tasty King dumprings.  Roommate L dumprings.  HOMEMADE.  With steak, shitaki mushrooms and brie:

Fried Dumprings

On Wednesday I’m going to get my cholesterol and sodium levels checked out.

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