Monday 12/7

7 Dec

Got this gchat from roommate M around 3pm today:

M: tasty tonight?

My first thought: wtf it’s barely 3pm, I literally just had lunch, I don’t know yet if I want Tasty tonight for dinner.

But then I realized what a stupid thought that was.  Of course I was going to want Tasty tonight.

me: OH
i just scored some free food at the office
M: that’s cool
me: well not really
i want tasty now that you mentioned it
M: what’d ya eat
me: pasta and salad and 1/4 of a sandwich
i also ordered street food today for lunch
M: not bad
me: thanks
M: either way
i think imma order some tastery tonight
i’m craving some msg laden soup
me: that sounds so dericious
M: doesn’t it though
me: damn you now you’ve tempted me

Well, we all know what happened next………………. Ugh, I ended up ordering a chicken salad from this other place across the street to cancel out the street meat that I had inhaled earlier in the day for lunch because I vowed that for the next 48 hours until my Wednesday morning physical, I would eat super healthy and drinks lots of water to flush out all the sodium and cholesterol that I’ve accumulated over the past 2 years of my life so that my blood results turn out as flawless as ever.  I’m a betrayer to Tasty. 😦

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