Monday 12/21

21 Dec

Last week boss J suggested we go for lunch on Monday (ie today).  Normally you would think I would be super excited about this, but lately whenever boss J suggests we “go for lunch/dinner,” it means I’m in trouble, usually because I’ve gotten complaints about being a bitchy manager from the people below me.  I don’t know why anyone would ever complain that I’m a bitch.

Anyway, so when we went for lunch today at this cute little Italian restaurant near our office, Via dei Mille, I couldn’t even fully enjoy the meal because every moment that went by I was just waiting for boss J to be like, “So I was speaking to admin A the other day…”

Kidding!  I totally fully enjoyed it because the meal was free and the food was incred.  I actually don’t know why the restaurant was so empty, but boss J and I were literally the only 2 people at the restaurant (which really sketched us out at first), which left the waiter/manager guy to not leave us alone for a single minute during the entirety of the meal.  He literally pulled up a chair and joined us for lunch.  Good thing he was a charming Italian otherwise you can only imagine the bitch I would have normally been.  Good thing also that we were two lovely ladies because the charming Italian gave us free bellinis on the house and extra bread with this delicious olive oil dipping sauce with some other deliciousness in it and tons of parmesan cheese and entertained us with stories about some girl he fell in love with because she gave him a really delicious chocolate cake.  I hope he was not being metaphorical.  As he was telling these stories, I was thinking to myself that I probably would have been very attracted to this charming Italian had it not been for the fact that a) I was with my boss who – like my mother – thinks I’ve never kissed a boy, b) he was a waiter, and c) he was a foreigner.

Anyway for our main dish I got an incred linguine dish with salmon and spinach, boss J got a linguine dish with clams, and for dessert we split a chocolate souffle with toffee and ice cream.  And turns out after all that I wasn’t in trouble for anything — boss J was just taking me out for a holiday “thanks for all your hard work” lunch.  I tried to offer to pay, but she refused.  YES.  I secretly would have preferred a holiday “thanks for all your hard work” bonus, but I guess this was the next best thing.

On a side note, I got my results back from my physical, and my cholesterol is – as I had expected – absolutely flawless with my HDL at 98 and LDL at 42.  I AM SUPERHUMAN AND TASTY KING WILL NEVER DESTROY ME!

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