Sunday 12/20

20 Dec

This weekend was mixed in terms of poverexia and anti-poverexia.  The weekend started out poverexic friendly when we had our annual company holiday party on Friday, and the pre-festivities started out at the office at 4pm with trays and trays of jumbo shrimp and bottles and bottles of champagne and other goodies such as veggie platters, chips, brownies, cookies, M&Ms, popcorn, etc etc etc.  The pre-party was only 30 minutes long so I really had to work to shovel everything I could into my mouth and/or purse in very little time.  While I observed that most people – including my team members – daintily picked only 3-4 shrimpy shrimps for their plate, I grabbed at least a dozen.  They were super jumbo and super delicious.  And then I grabbed several chocolates, Sobe waters and diet cokes and hid them in my purse for later.

The party itself was held at Soho House in the Meat Packing.  I would have normally been very upset at the fact that our company dropped shitloads of moola on a party at friggen SOHO HOUSE in these tough economic times (clearly everyone would have just preferred to actually get raises over having a nice holiday party), but apparently we got an “incredible discount” because of our connections.  Fantastic.  I still would have rather gotten a raise over going to this party.  Either way, the party was nice and I enjoyed it – I admit it.  I mean I’m ultimately not going to complain about an open bar event where I can chug down Kettle One dirty martinis and eat as many delicious sliders as I want.  Those sliders were really delicious.  Almost as good as the donut sliders that L made the other day, but not quite.  These had normal buns.

I unfortunately had to leave the party early because I obviously had Friday night plans, and who throws a company party on a Friday evening anyway – clearly we all have lives.  This weekend was especially special though because it was roommate K’s birthday, and so the anti-poverexia began.

We started out the festivities with the Pencils of Promise masquerade ball on Friday night which I paid $65 for that went to charity and poor kids and other things in life that I dislike, but I do enjoy good company and a good open bar event, especially when it’s sponsored by Johnnie Walker.  So to celebrate life, I downed 7 Johnnie-and-cokes throughout the course of the night and was still feeling fine because of all the food from my company party that I had in my stomach that was just absorbing all the alcohol like a sponge.

Then on Saturday roommates K, L, M and I went out to Cafe Loup in the West Village to celebrate K’s birthday and got escargot, foie gras fritters, and the biggest bowl of mussels with a side of fries I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  It was the most cash I had dropped on a dinner since roommate L’s birthday in April 2009, and it was so worth it.  I literally thought I was going to O when the fried foie gras hit my tongue.

All in all, this was a great weekend of food, despite the mixed feelings about the poverexic weekend ultimately ending up as an anti-poverexic weekend.  And that fried foie gras really made my life.

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