Thursday 12/17

17 Dec

Today was my rescheduled physical.  My appointment was at 1:30pm, and I wasn’t supposed to eat anything before then because they were drawing my blood for cholesterol.  I was so hungry.  So I filled up my body with 6 cups of water between the hours of 9am and 1:30pm for 3 reasons: 1) to fill my belly and get rid of the hunger, 2) to prump up my veins (because I have baby veins), and 3) to flush out all my cholesterol.  I can’t wait for my results on Monday.

When I got back to the office from my appointment, I was ravenous so good thing there was AN ENTIRE TRAY OF CHIPS AND 3 TRAYS OF REALLY GOOD SALSA AND GUAC WAITING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I immediately inhaled 3 large plates.  It was so good.  They were like GOOD chips, you know, not crappy stale ones, really good crisp multicolored ones with sprinkles of grated cheese and really fresh salsa with chunks of tomatoes and pepers and other deliciousness.  It was even better when a few hours later I discovered an entire bowl of Caesar salad that no one had touched, so I took the entire bowl and ate it for dinner.  The best part is, I still have an entire plate of leftovers from that meeting yesterday when admin A double ordered — I’m saving that for lunch tomorrow, and then for dinner we have our ANNUAL COMPANY HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!!!!  Success.

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