Wednesday 12/16

16 Dec

Holiday time is so deceptive.  You think you’re getting so many free gifts, but in turn you’re spending just as much on gifts to others so we all lose.  Booo.  😦

Last Friday we had our first round of annual Secret Snowflake and I got the best gift ever — a huge plastic bowl that said SOMEONE WAS HUNGRY! with a can of sour cream and onion Pringles.  GASPPPPP best small gift ever and so perfect for me.  I immediately finished the entire can of Pringles in one sitting.  Someone WAS hungry!!!  I thought I was a winner that day but then I remembered that I too had spent the $5 maximum on my Secret Snowflake except my gift wasn’t as thoughtful (I just got her a bag of M&Ms… I didn’t know we were supposed to put so much thought into these gifts.)  So there was no net gain.

And then today was our second and final round of Secret Snowflake, and I got yet another really good gift — a $20 gift certificate to Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSSSS.  I was super excited.  $20 worth of free food!!!!!  It was like my birthday all over again!!!  But then I thought about it some more, and I had spent the $20 max on my Secret Snowflake gift too (which was much better and more thought-out than my first gift — I got her a martini glass set and a small bottle of Smirnoff because she was the bartender making those Yahootinis at our work party the other day, really proud of myself).  Once again, no net gain… so we all lose.  Booo.  😦

However, I DID scores some truly free goodies later in the day when I found out admin A had accidentally ordered food for an entire meeting when someone else had already ordered food for that same meeting.  A DOUBLE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!!  That’s the best mistake anyone could ever make!!!!!!!  I was waiting all day for that and when it came, boy did I take advantage of it.  I stole two sandwiches, a plate of pasta, a plate of salad, a cup full of Chex Mix and Sun Chips, and a cup full of strawberries.  Then I ate half of that throughout the day to keep my metabolism up, then saved the rest for tomorrow to be economical.  THEN!  A few hours later a vendor came to our office and gifted us two boxes of delicious cupcakes, and boss S let me take home an entire box because none of the other girls wanted them.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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